Modular Power Cube Frame

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  • Draw up Power Cube - download latest model from Tom Griffing, or use Power Cube 6 download of Sketchup
  • Draw plain cube with xyz corners. It is basis for microtractor, see 6 in 60 Initial 3D Models
  • Draw 1/4"x4"x4" tubing with 1" holes every 4 inches
  • Generate STL file for producing 3D prints with 1/2" tubing and 1/8" holes
    • Tubing may be filled, as long as holes are present
  • Generate toolpath file for Lulzbot or RepRap Kit, work with Leo Dearden
  • Share file with Leo and FeF Lulzbot
  • Video assembly of the frame into an instructional
  • Use 1/8" pegs or bolts for connectors.
  • Document all results on this wiki page.