Nail Plates

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Bonding Plates

  • Connector Plate - [1]
  • [2] - foundation type

Protector Plates

  • Nail plates must be used for plumbing - see good video of examples: [3]
  • Metallic and non-metallic rigid conduit does not need nail plates according to code [4]. 2020 NEC 358.10 (E) and 358.12 [5]. But if you read the practical comments at video [6] - nail gun can easily penetrate EMT. So nail plates are required EVEN FOR EMT when EMT is close to edge (1.25"). This is all solved with runs recessed beyond the reach of nails. Bottom line: nails or screws can penetrate EMT.
  • Note also that some locations, like Chicago, allow only EMT - not NM or even flex metal conduit. Comment at [7]