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  • Last updated May 18, 2011


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OSE is a global network of developers and entrepreneurs who are creating community-based solutions for reinventing local production. This network is developing the GVCS Tools, using them, and incubating enterprise based on these tools.

The OSE nonprofit sector strategy is to organize an entity with legal standing that supports the globally-distributed GVCS development efforts under the Executive Director (ED). The ED role for OSE global operations is presently held by Marcin Jakubowski, Ph.D. For purposes of non-profit sector donations, OSE is currently an unincorporated project under a 501(c)3 umbrella of another organization with tax-exempt status. OSE is currently looking for collaborators to set up a full and independent nonprofit corporation with its own tax-exempt standing, according to best practice standards for nonprofits. See our Nonprofit Operational Goals.

Project Scaling

Our immediate scaling strategy is to build a prototype 8-person housing unit at our experimental facility, Factor e Farm. Construction is expected to begin in June. Our goal is to increase our on-site population from 2 full time people to 8 on-site developers by year-end 2011.

We are also an open source product development platform which is currently attracting the contributions of globally-distributed subject matter experts in a diverse array of fields. These include agriculture, open product design, automotive design, power electronics, automation, metallurgy, and fabrication.

Our next major initiative is a Kickstarter campaign fro early June, and the Factor e Farm Convergence - the first global call-for-participation as an Apollo Program for the GVCS - to be held at Factor e Farm from September 1-30, 2011.

We aim to finish the 50 technologies by year-end 2012, in collaboration with other open economic development platforms.

Resource Allocation

For the 4 years until November, 2010, the project has been funded at a level of $1500/month via voluntary crowd micro-donations from True Fans and other crowd funding donations. That amount has been growing steadily since the Founder's acceptance as a TED Fellow in November, 2010, until the present point of $4k/month. OSE currently enjoys the support of 350 True Fans who provide $10/month micro-donations with a commitment of 2 years, plus other small donations.

May, 2011 marks the first Production Run of 3 Tractors and 3 CEB Presses - two products developed by OSE - where approximately $20k is currently being generated via bootstrap earnings. All of this money is going back into materials purchases and further prototyping work.

We have thus demonstrated the first significant benchmark for the economic feasibility of the Distributive Enterprise model. We currently have 2 fabricators-in-training who are interested in replicating productive enterprises in other locations. Our training program is a work exchange where fabricators learn production skills in exchange for their labor in a production run.

All resources are put back into the operation to further product development, fabrication optimization, and growth of the operation - consistent with our Distributive Enterprise mission.

Currently, the OSE experiment is enjoying an efficiency ratio of over 95% for resources generated to materials purchased and prototypes built. Operating costs are currently $125 per month for the Executive Director's salary, $60/month for 3 gigabyte internet service, and off-grid operation eliminates utility costs. Voluntary donations of expertise, labor, and other resources - based on a shared promise - are the key to the high efficiency ratio of this experiment.

Recruiting Announcement

We are looking for a partner and collaborator to set up the nonprofit sector operation of OSE according to the above terms. Every aspect of the collaboration contract is negotiable. Adherence to OSE Specifications is non-negotiable, and here are Additional Nonprofit Strategy Terms. Are you a pioneer ready to change the world? Join us in this capacity.