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HintLightbulb.png Hint: Outdated, from 2013. See current progress at GVCS Status


A table of GVCS tools and their current statuses. This table is mostly deprecated on other pages.


CEB Press A high-performance Compresssed Earth Block press. Compresssed Earth Block building is the highest quality natural building method. The page CEB intro contains introductory information on compressed earth blocks http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/compressed-earth-brick-press.png COMPLETE AND TESTED! Marcin Jakubowski ceb-press compressed-earth-block-press Category: CEB
Tractor A versatile, 4-wheel drive, hydraulically-driven, skid-steering tractor with 18 to 200 horsepower capacity for agriculture, construction and other utility duties. http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/lifetrac.png PROTOTYPE COMPLETE! Marcin Jakubowski lifetrac Category: LifeTrac
Microtractor a small, 18 hp version of the full-sized tractor for powering a wide range of implements in agricultural and utility duties http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/microtrac.png PROTOTYPE COMPLETE! Category: MicroTrac
Bulldozer A high-traction, heavy earth-moving machine indispensible for building ponds, berms, and other permacultural earthforms, as well as for other tasks such as building roads or clearing land http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/bulldozer.png STATUS
Power Cube A multipurpose, self-contained, hydraulic power power unit that consisting of an engine coupled to a hydraulic pump http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/powercube.png PROTOTYPE COMPLETE! Marcin Jakubowski power-cube power-cube Category: Power Cube
Multimachine A multipurpose, precision CNC machining and metal cutting device for milling, lathing, drilling to make precision parts; includes surface grinding and cold-cut metal sawing http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/multimachine.png STATUS
Ironworker A device that can instantly cut steel and punch holes in metal one inch thick http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/ironworker.png STATUS
CNC Torch Table A computer-controlled cutting table for metal where a moving torch head is used to produce precision metal parts in a fraction of the time that it takes to do so manually http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/torch-table.png PROTOTYPE COMPLETE! Category: Torch Table
3D Printer An additive manufacturing technology where a three dimensional object is printed by laying down successive layers of material, just like a printer except in 3D http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/3d-printer.png COMPLETE AND TESTED! The RepRap community, led by Adrian Bowyer

3D Scanner A device that can generate a 3D digital scan from a real-life object, where the file can be used to reproduce the object in 3D with a device such as the 3D printer or CNC Precision Multimachine http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/3d-scanner.png STATUS
CNC Circuit Mill A computer-controlled device that can produce electrical circuits by milling and drilling on copper-clad circuit boards http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/circuit-mill.png STATUS
Industrial Robot A robotic arm which can perform certain human tasks - such as welding or milling – for performing tasks that are not better done by humans http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/robotic-arm.png IN DEVELOPMENT Yoonseo Kang

Laser Cutter An industrial machine that can make precision, finish cuts in a wide array of substrates, such as metal, wood, or plastic http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/laser-cutter.png IN DEVELOPMENT The Lasersaur team
Open Source Welder A device used to make strong, permanent bonds in metal by melting and fusing the metal http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/mig-welder.png STATUS
Plasma Cutter A device to cut metal using a plasma torch http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/plasma-cutter.png STATUS
Induction Furnace An electrical furnace in which the heat is applied by induction heating of metal, providing clean, versatile, compact, energy-efficient, and well-controlled melting compared to flame furnaces http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/induction-furnace.png IN DEVELOPMENT induction-furnace induction-furnace Category: Induction Furnace
Metal Roller A metal forming process in which metal stock is passed through a pair of rolls to produce a desired shape, such as flat bar, angle, or u-channel http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/metal-rolling-machine.png STATUS
Rod and Wire Mill A subset of metal rolling, used to make shafts, rebar, thin rods, and down to wire. http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/wire-n-rod-mill.png STATUS
Press Forge A device for shaping metal by the application of a shaping die and a continuous pressure or force. http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/forge.png STATUS
Modern Steam Engine A modern engine where an external heat source is used to turn water into steam, and the steam in turn moves reciprocating pistons to provide shaft power http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/steam-engine.png IN DEVELOPMENT Mark J Norton steam-engine-construction-set steam-engine-construction-set Category: Steam Engine
Gasifier Burner A clean and efficient burner that gasifies the material that is being burned prior to combustion http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/gasifier-burner.png STATUS
Steam Generator A device that generates steam from water that is passed through externally-heated coils http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/steam-generator.png STATUS
Solar Concentrator An array of mirrors to concentrate sunlight so it can boil water and drive a steam engine. http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/solar-concentrator.png STATUS The Solar Fire team
Wind Turbine A device that produces electrical power from wind energy http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/wind-turbine.png STATUS
Aluminum Extractor A device that produces aluminum from clay by dissolving the aluminum from aluminosilicate (clay), and then electrolyzing the resulting compound to form pure aluminum http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/alluminum-extractor.png STATUS Edward McCullough
Pelletizer A device that compresses shredded pieces of biomass or other substances to compact, flowable pellets http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/pelletizer.png
Seeder A tractor-pulled seeder than can plant any seed, from small seeds like clover to large seeds such as potatoes http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/universal-seeder.png
Rototiller A tractor implement that tills soil with blades via rotary action http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/pulverizer-tiller.png
Spader A set of mechanical shovels that prepare soil for planting without causing a hardpan typical of rototiller tilling http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/spader.png
Microcombine A small-scale harvester-thresher for mechanical harvesting of any grain crops, with a cutting swath of about 3 feet in width http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/microcombine.png
Universal Rotor A tractor-mounted rotor that can be fitted with a wide array of toolheads, such as string trimmer, posthole digger, tree planting auger, slurry mixer, and many others http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/universal-rotor.png
Baler A device that compresses hay and other light and dispersed materials into more compact bales http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/baler.png
Hay Rake A mechanical implement for a tractor that rakes hay or other light materials into windrows or other formations for drying or baling http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/hay-rake.png
Hay Cutter A device that cuts grass, hay, straw, or other light biomass for haying, baling, or combining http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/hay-cutter.png
Backhoe A piece of excavating equipment or digger consisting of a digging bucket on the end of a two-part articulated arm for digging trenches or large holes http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/backhoe.png
Chipper/Hammermill A machine used for reducing wood or other materials into smaller parts, such as chips or shreds http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/chipper-hammermill.png
Trencher A piece of construction equipment that uses a cutting wheel for digging trenches, laying pipe, cable, or drainage http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/trencher.png
Open Source Car A wheeled motor vehicle for transporting people http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/automobile.png
Open Source Truck A larger version of an automobile with a bed for transporting loads http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/truck.png
Dimensional Sawmill A dimensional sawmill is a circular blade sawmill with 2 blades that is used for producing dimensional lumber in one pass http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/sawmill.png
Cement Mixer A device that homogeneously combines cement, aggregate such as sand or gravel, and water to form concrete http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/cement-mixer.png
Well-Drilling Rig A device for digging deep water wells http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/well-drilling-rig.png
Bakery Oven A device for heating various forms of dough into breads and other baked goods http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/industrial-bread-oven.png
Dairy Milker A device which harvests milk automatically from milk-producing livestock http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/milking-machine.png
Electric Motor/Generator A device that functions as a motor when energized with a voltage, which can also function as an electrical generator when it is spun. http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/electric-motor-generator.png
Hydraulic Motor A mechanical actuator that converts high-pressure fluid flow into rotation http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/hydraulic-motor.png
Bioplastic Extruder An extruder takes a charge of plastic and extrudes a sheet or other profile of useful form, such as greenhouse glazing or water tubing http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/plastic-extruder.png
Universal Power Supply This is a combination power supply for applications from off-grid power to supplying power to welders, induction furnaces, and plasma cutters. http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/universal-power-supply.png
Nickel Iron Batteries Long-life batteries that have a track record of lasting 50 or more years http://openfarmtech.org/temp-gvcs-icons/nickel-iron-batteries.png
Drill press Multimachineicon.jpg PROTOTYPE COMPLETE! drill-press Category: Drill Press

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