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  • An open source Motor Controller designed to turn hobby brushless dc motors into brushless dc servo motors
  • Thus open source and/or hobby level products can use these instead of stepper motors and have the advantages of servo motors
  • According to This it is no longer open hardware, only software post v3.4 ?
  • How cheap can this be made assuming diy (milled/etched) pcb's ? OTS is ~159.00USD for the board
    • Need to find an older BOM, and do some guestimation
  • Also can it be scaled up/down in motors/board, current is two motors per board
    • ie small single on-motor board, piles of motors for a single board -> cnc machine application etc

Purchase Link

Design Files

OSE Replication

Basic Process

Phase 1

  • Purchase Board
  • Dowload Software, get familiar with it, and find the best software

Phase 2

  • Scale Circuitry up to something that can be Milled , or something that can be etched using a pen plotter based mask as well as easily soldered
  • Get OSE Board Working to the Same Specs

Phase 3

  • Move on to higher specs (higher voltage etc)
  • Use OSE Motors
  • Make it integrated with the servo motor in a 3d printed or cnc machined case

Phase 4

  • Make a workbench in KiCAD to allow adding footprints of an ODrive Module to a Custom PCB on a per - servo basis

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