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Development of this video script will be accompanied by development and documentation of a video production protocol that can be replicated widely, even by novices to produce quality videos.

Explainer Requirements

  • Powerful video like Phonebloks [1] which achieved its purpose by leveraging existing companies to develop - see 1 year update - [2]
  • Makes a direct connection to a high level State of the World Metric - unstable economy, wealth distribution, poverty and hunger statistics, military conflict, terrorism (USA-led destabilization of democratic regimes to promote corporate interests), torture
  • Connect 'need to make a living' and 'corporations dominating our provision of lifestyle' and liberation to an economy of abundance.
  • Develop a metric taking existing metrics and modifying them to create an Integrated Prosperity Index - focus on ethical economic progress (transparency, wealth distribution, education, freedom, peace vs. war)
  • Scan existing indices of prosperity and create an Integrated Humanity Index that adds open collaboration, transparency, wealth distrubution, militarism, ethics, imprisonment, standard of living, education level, and local production (domestic vs imports, food miles, manufacturing miles, etc), lifespan, Gross National Happiness.
  • Position renewable energy - The Ten Thousand Factor, modularity, open collaboration, and transparency as a key to the ethical economy
  • Position GVCS as an experiment in creating an ethical economy
  • Show immediate path. House, food, energy. Open Source Industrial Revolution (show case of Richard Trevithick steam engine as first case of open source collaboration that knocked the socks off proprietary design of James Watt
  • Our immeidiate goals - platform dev. Protocol->Market->Swarm->Self-Fund (workshops design - a product that can be manufactured over a weekend swarm)->Crowdfund, PR, Swag, Investors from Usage Value-> Product. Requirement - deep level of fab to control risk.
  • Propose an enterprise model for regenerative housing
  • How connected to urban ghetto? Sprouts and aquaculture infrastructure; edible landscape
  • Propose enterprise model for Restoration Agriculture (combines food production, land stewardship)
  • Propose enterprise model for teaching all of this (GVCS campus, one for 70,000 population center.
  • 70,000 campuses provide a $1000/year membership fee. $70M to fund several good projects per year. Collaborative platform that generates intended good practice across all fields of endeavor. At any time forkable. Subscription to basic principles generally accepted as good.


A 3 minute vidoe crash course on connecting deepest messages - material basis for global conflicts and empire-building transgressions of human rights - that we fund such oppression with our dollars - and the way to regain an ethical economy is to create closed-loop economies fueled by open source design, advanced techniques for everybody promoted by open sharing of knowledge - and conversion of abundant local resources to end all resource-based conflicts once and for all. This is a tall order in an Orwellian double-speak, unethical economy, fear-based control of people, consumerism, and general propaganda - where the system selects for psychopaths as CEOs, and money buys politics. This is readily solved by returning to open sharing of information for robust local enterprise fueled by global knowledge flows.

To get there, we show our program in a nutshell - a 1 minute explanation of what's feasible on a village scale (up to metal melting, smelting, bioplastics, and silicon wafer production) - and 1 minute on our immediate goals of MicroHouse infrastructure - fuels - then engines and precision machining.

But focus is on modular design that makes it feasible for building an ethical economy - a Civilization Worth Keeping.



Pictorial Video Script

Pictorial Scriptment template: