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Advisors and Advisory Boards are critical for time-binding vast amounts of prior experience and knowhow.

The strategy for recruiting an advisory capacity is simple:

  1. Identify the top subject matter experts in all areas of OSE endeavor. This in itself is a valuable resource if one is interested in gaining awareness of the top players in various key fields of endeavor.
  2. Reach out to the potential advisors.
  3. Vet the potential advisors for availability and openness. If the potential advisor is open, then they are invited to serve OSE in a voluntary capacity. In this way, OSE can gather a world brain of experience.

Relationship to OSE Development

Advisors allow OSE to cut through years of search to provide the best solutions. Of particular interest in any development project is determining whether possible avenues of development (scope) has been fully defined, such as the Tech Tree of Choices, Possible Mechanisms, and other areas of research requiring a survey of possible options.