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OSE Ambassadors are people who have been involved with OSE and who understand OSE's development procedures, goals, and culture. To become an official OSE Ambassador, candidates are required to complete at least one 90 day development cycle as an OSE Developer or OSE Documenter in good standing. The role of Ambassadors is an active one - and the role is treated as seriously as that of the OSE Developer and OSE Documenter. This means that the official OSE Ambassador serves for a 90 day term - with a 10 hour per week commitment, and goes through an application and interview process just like OSE Developers and OSE Documenters.

Experience or involvement in OSE prior to Ambassadorship may include serving as an OSE Developer or OSE Documenter, or participation in OSE Workshops, Design Sprints, Book Sprints, Dedicated Project Visits, webinars, Work Teams, True Fans Hangouts, or others. For remote collaborators, the best way to get involved in our learning community is to sign up as an OSE Developer or OSE Documenter.

In 2017, OSE has shifted its focus from ad-hoc development to all official contributors working as part of the Core Development Team - an integrated team of contributors who pull in unison along the Critical Path. The goal of the Core Development Team is to produce one Distributive Enterprise product per quarter. This team is responsible for understanding and therefore moving the current Critical Path forward, consistent with OSE Priorities, and along the long term OSE Development Roadmap. Ambassadors are expected to be active members of OSE, and as such, are expected to pull together with and support the efforts of the Core Development Team.

The core product of OSE is Distributive Enterprise. We are planning on the first OSE Conference for 2018 - pending successful deployment of several successful Distributive Enterprises around the world. 2017 marks the turning point of OSE, where Distributive Enterprise has been recognized as the core growth strategy. In other words - once people begin to adopt distributive enterprise model as the source of their livelihood - OSE has a chance to swell. The success of distributive enterprise means the long-awaited delivery of the promise of open source hardware - that of making a significant economic impact - as opposed to being a fringe movement.

After gaining experience in OSE development process for at least one 90 day development cycle - Ambassador candidates can take the Ambassador Exam. The formal status of an OSE Ambassador means that the individual has had experience, training, and has met the qualifications of Ambassadorship. Ambassadors who pass the Ambassador Exam will be awarded an Ambassador Badge for that quarter.