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The reason for badges is to provide an easily-recognizable proof-of-skill-set that assists in role allocation for collaborative work.

Badges for the OSE Apprenticeship include those related directly to the Seed Eco-Home 2 as the core. Other badges that one may learn include those on the enterprise and organizational levels, as well as badges in other machines. Other machines include the 3D printer, filament maker, plastic shredder, power cube, tractor, backhoe, auger, trencher, sawmill, and aquaponic greenhouse.

The intent is to represent specifically-documented skill clearly. All badges require a documented performance, typically published on the internet in video form - for both computer work and physical tasks. Most badges also require a written test - documented on our wiki as well - that test not just the performance (which demonstrates physical ability and proper sequencing of steps) - but comprehension of design choices and how things work. Badges are granular, and given for specific products. Such as - how to design a Power Cube or Universal Axis, or how to build one of the modules for the Seed Eco-Home.

Required Badges

Collaborative Literacy

The Collaborative Literacy is a must and a start.

  1. Collaborative Literacy Badge
  2. FreeCAD Badge
  3. SweetHome3D Badge
  4. Kdenlive Badge

Seed Eco-Home - Core Badges

Each one except the BOM Badge are expected outcomes of the 6 month OSE Apprenticeship

  1. Design Review Badge
  2. BOM Badge
  3. Construction Tool Use Badge
  4. Site Grading Badge
  5. Foundation Forming Badge
  6. Concrete Pour Badge
  7. Painting Badge
  8. Plumbing Badge
  9. Concrete Polishing Badge
  10. Foundation to Wall Detail Badge
  11. Wall Modules Badge
  12. First Floor Ceiling Badge
  13. 2nd Story Floor Badge
  14. 2nd Story Walls Badge
  15. Interior Walls Badge
  16. Bathroom Badge
  17. Kitchen Cabinets Badge
  18. Laundry Badge
  19. Electrical Badge
  20. Finish Plumbing Badge
  21. Stairway Badge
  22. PV Badge
  23. Heat Pump Badge
  24. Roof Badge
  25. Driveway and Final Grade Badge
  26. Landscaping Badge

Optional Badges

These may be pursued by individuals who already have significant skills in various areas and can pursue these as validation of their skill for OSE purposes.

  1. Manual Gcode Generation Badge
  2. CAD Interoperability Badge
  3. BIM Badge
  4. Broadcasting Badge
  5. Advanced FreeCAD Badge
  6. FreeCAD Workbenches Badge
  7. Universal Controller Badge
  8. Universal Frame Badge
  9. Universal Axis Badge
  10. Universal Rotor Badge
  11. Universal Track Unit Badge
  12. Power Cube Badge

Aquaponic Greenhouse Badges

3D Printer, Filament Maker, Plastic Shredder

Tractor, Backhoe, Power Cube, Auger, Trencher