OSE Builder's Credo

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This we believe in in terms of how we work in terms of its tactical aspects. Consistent with the OSC mission.

  1. we work efficiently. At all times we ask how we can do things better, faster, higher performance, and cheaper. Understand the distinction between these four and how the floor can be reconciled by breaking the Iron Triangle
  2. we work for balance. For example, ambidexterity whenever we have a chance to train our other side for simple tasks so that we do not neglect an important part of physical performance. Our balance extends to the digital/reality divide: our goal is to make real work, which is unforgiving - as pleasant as work in virtual reality, where everything can be faked. Make reality as pleasant as the digital wonderland.
  3. We learn how to work alone so that we can then pair with a buddy orcollaborate better.