Iron Triangle

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Good-fast-cheap - pick 2. It is true that without open source collaboration, free as in freedom is not possible.


OSE Case

Simply Put

The notion that a product or service cannot be optimized in all of its aspects is a clear example of scarcity thinking. Such thinking misses the point that open collaboration and development produces superior results. See Linux of Vaccines as a good and powerful example of breaking the iron triangle. OSE's Extreme Manufacturing and Extreme Enterprise models are examples where the Iron Triangle is smashed - with open collaboration.

Technically Speaking

Extreme Manufacturing via modularity, collaborative design for optimization, modular breakdown, proper collaboration architecture, integration of design-build-use-service issues by extremely tight coordination between these phases, open source, and test-driven design - beats the trilateral impossibility.

Extreme manufacturing is fast.

Global collaboration makes things good.

Lowered development costs for optimizing design, and Technological Recursion down to producing raw materials - makes things cheap.