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An OSE-certified must at the core be Distributive and tending towards Distributed Market Substitution via some level of standardization for Degeneracy, without losing diversity and flexibility of options due to its construction-set nature and modular design. This enterprise must contribute to an ecosystem that transitions the world from employees to executives, making their own decisions - in practice simply becoming more of producers than consumers. Enterprise ecosystems could mean lean open source enterprises which allow people to produce advanced goods, via flexible, open source, digital-and-automation assisted industrial productivity on a distributed scale.

Examples are the Open Source Everything Store where open design fuels quality, lifetime-design, modular, upgradable, scalable products. Or it could be a Seed Eco-Home Microfactory which produces house kits and home construction materials.

The general framework can be high access to advanced productive, flexible capacity as part of the commonwealth, delivered literally at zero marginal cost because of open design and ample access to energy. Even a one acre PV facility can produce almost a thousand tons of steel per annum from available renewable energy, see Farm Yields Per Acre - though only 160 tons from ore. This however requires an impossible mindset shift to responsibility, otherwise known as abundance.