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One of the goals of OSE is to facilitate large-scale public development of products. This relies on low-entry barrier, widely-accessible, commonly-used, free and open source tools that allow anyone to collaborate with OSE from anywhere in the world.

The idea is consistent with creating a Xerox Machine for Material Production in every community.

Specifically, we are building a collaboration architecture for Design Sprints, Design Jams, and Incentive Challenges in collaboration with school teachers, librarians, and hackers around the world.

Collaborative literacy as such relies on common agreement on a minimal, robust tool set. Here are some specifics.


  • Always upload source so that documents and assets are editable by other distributed team members in many locations around the world.

Specific Tools

Common tools in use throughout OSE inlude the OSE Wiki, Google online cloud collaborative documents (Docs, presentations, surveys, spreadsheets),. FreeCAD, BlocksCAD,


  • Use version history for uploads

Google Docs

  • Best practice is to share with edit privileges as opposed to send as email attachments so we can edit collaboratively instead of editing separate documents and then merging. That's our normal practice so that there is a single version and not multiple versions in many locations - where version tracking is not possible when there are multiple similar documents.

Part Libraries

Git Repository