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Like Collaborative Marketing (CM), but the latter does not capture an essential aspect of sharing cutting edge knowhow, ie., availing the type of knowhow that information products typically sell.

This turns CM into education. More than edumarketing, which is today associated with CM.

CM is still about selling, whereas OSE CM is about product development - which is distributive if the products constitute Distributive Enterprise. Let Me Drop Some OS Economic Theory Webinar.

CM - we get others to help is market as coalitions. Essentially cross-referal in a closed group or consortium.

OSE CCM - first, we involve the world. Second, we invite others to replicate our Enterprise, by Collaborative development - as products are not turnkey until they are productized - and the productization is what we need help with. That is the core truth and honesty about how OSH can deliver transformative products, not Fart Apps.

THIRD - we provide Authentic Cutting Edge Info, not half-sharing.


The advantage of OSE-style CM is potential for wide participation, and self selection of Ethical Agents. This, CM can be an essential ingredient of rapid learning for product development. If such product dev leads to productization, then we have succeeded in creating a financial feedback loop that can contribute to Distributed Market Substitution. Creating viable revenue Models means that open source can become the economic successor to the theory of Adam Smith, breathing fresh air into the stagnation ofseveral aborted experiments in communism, and fixing the shortcomings of capitalism with respect to the distribution of wealth.