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How should people communicate, in a collaborative and abundant world, and in a path to get there?

  1. Considering one's integrity, and what is right.
  2. Face the brutal facts.
  3. Do not be afraid to lose everything. At best, cultivate a mindset of having nothing to lose, as that is the key to courage.
  4. Courage is not absence of fear, but doing the right thing in the presence of fear.
  5. Considering others' situation or feelings
  6. If something is not right, bring up the controversy.
  7. Never split the difference.
  8. You can say harsh words, but with a willingness to repair the situation when you grow or as new information becomes available. Beware of The Map is Not the Territory whne
  9. The Map is Not the Territory. Do not assume that a person said something even if they said. Look at the larger situation, their position, their body language, their level of self-awareness.
  10. In a collaborative way.
  11. Give people an A (from The Art of Possibility. Do not cast pearls to swine at the same time - ie, allow people to disrespect you by being vulnerable when vulnerability is unwarranted. Know when vulnerability is acceptable, and when it isn't.
  12. Learn how to read people.
  13. Ask directly for clarity, do not beat around the bush. Be frank and forthright. Only in a world of scarcity is Strategic Culture to be found.
  14. Communicate to cultivate abundance and nurture infinite possibility.
  15. Assume radical honesty, but do it in a constructive way.
  16. Prepare the shit sandwich. Not! Do the balanced communication with rapport, next item.
  17. Rapport is ongoing communication, delving into the good and bad equally.