OSE Design Guide 2019

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Comprehensive design manual covering a design survey of a wide range of mechatronics, heavy equipment, farm, construction, electronics, and house infrastructure utility systems. this is more comprehensive than the basic OSE Machine Design Guide

  • How to design hydronic systems for heating, cooling, household water, irrigation, and waste
  • How to design high pressure hydraulics systems for heavy industrial power
  • How to design tractors in wheeled and tracked configurations
  • How to design 3D printers
  • How to design heavy CNC equipment
  • How to design heavy metal equipment
  • How to design off-grid PV system
  • How to design houses
  • How to design agriculture systems - perennial polyculture, field crop integration, livestock, aquaponics, afforestation, soil food web
  • How to design microcontroller, sensor, and computer systems
  • How to design power electronics equipment
  • How to design products based on 3D printed plastic-metal composites with embedded electronics. Design for 3d printing, metal torching, and milling.

Work in progress begun in Dec. 2015

Slide 5 mentiones converting stored hydrogen to electricity using a ICE/ECE + Alternator Setup. Would fuel cells be an option (at least outside of first gen/developing workshops), as they are more efficient? - User:Eric