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Presenting first at the Open Source Microfactory STEAM Camp:

Short link - http://bit.ly/2WAzNxd


Summary – How to work with electronics and how to make simple circuits from 3D printing, etching, milling, and soldering. Wiring. Control panels. 3D printed circuits. GFCIs. Milled and etched circuits. Doped circuits. What to do when features are too small to solder: sockets and flux. Sensors and data collection. Internet of Things - devices accessible from you local network. Devices accessible from the web. Applications – We teach basics of how to treat electronic components as building blocks - to connect or solder a number of components together to make a working whole. Our goals include making controllers, sensors, and common power electronics devices such as power supplies, chargers, and speed controllers. We also want the student to be able to use a wide array of off-the-shelf electronic components and sensors and integrate them in their designs.

You can go through the pages by clicking on the presentation: