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Main Working Template - Simplified

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Use this for first drafts:

Simple Documentation Template

See below for additional insights.

Manual Production

In general OSE's open source product development relies on roles being selected via Meritocratic Do-ocracy. We suggest creating manuals as a 3 step process.

  1. Setting up: Write the main script with content and outline, using a basic template that contains OSE style and branding
    1. Use OSE Manual Template for the cover page to describe the manual and provide a QR Code for online access for people who are using printed or online copies of the manual.
    2. Use a Manual Index Template found in the template below for the Index
    3. Use basic formatting ONLY for the main content pages, using the Template below. This is because subsequent editing will produce the final formatted copy, and time would be wasted if format editing is applied prior to most of the content being created.
    4. The lead editor sets up the Cover Page and Index.
    5. Large numbers (100s to 1000s) of contributing editors can edit a single document once the main outline has been created.
    6. This is an iterative process, and manuals will be updated with time. They are versioned, live documents intended for live, collaborative, online, and realtime editing throughout their life. The life of a document never ends - a document can always be updated. Versioning and Genealogies are used to keep track of build versions.
  2. Main work: Bulk editing may be done by a small or large, realtime, collaborative group. All that is required is that contributors know How to Edit the Wiki, How to Edit Google Docs, and How to Embed Documents on a Wiki - and that they communicate their work on their Work Log for transparency.
  3. Final editing and publishing - Final editing occurs once bulk of the content has been contributed. Publishing can include the final Google Presentation, PDFs, online viewers such as Issuu, online publishing such as Amazon or other services for electronic or hard copy. Editions may be free or paid. Anyone is welcome to use the manual for whatever purpose, including commercial use, via attribution. See OSE License.

Master - Main Work Template - Annotated

This is an annotated template with OSE styling. Use this template if you are contributing to OSE work. Delete the comments and fill with relevant content.


Master - Main Simplified Work Template

This is a good starting point for most purposes (as in green box on top of page)- Simple Documentation Template