OSE Design Manual - Shafts and Bearings

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Presenting first at the Open Source Microfactory STEAM Camp:


Shafts and bearings – Different ways to implement shafts and linear bearings. Bushings for Universal Axis, bearings for rotors; mounting of wheels. On-wheel or on-shaft bearings; 2 point mounting; rating of shafts for axial and radial load. Supported and unsupported shafts. Planetary herringbone for axial load management. Planetary gears as wheel-integrated bearings. Air bearings. Flexible 3D printed bearings. Lubrication. PLastic vs metal. Linear bearing with cycling balls. Applications – whatever we build, it will move or rotate. It will have shafts and bearings, and we need to understand some basics about their design so that we can handle high loads and speeds.