OSE Design Manual - Stepper Motor Controllers

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Presenting first at the Open Source Microfactory STEAM Camp:


Universal Stepper Motor Controllers – driving a stepper motor motor and control system of any size with on-board and external drivers can be done using the popular RAMPS controller; costs involved; Applications from 3D printer non-contact to 1000 lb force. Applications – You will be able to set up the multipurpose RAMPS controller for any machine based on the required force/speed requirements. By understanding essential controller wiring, you will be able to connect RAMPS properly to stepper motors without sending up smoke. This applies to CNC machines and any other drive, such as material shredders or drive wheels. Marlin Based Drive – How to use the open source Marlin controller firmware for automation and CNC machine design. Applications – You will learn how to configure the firmware for any geometry and other features of your system, based on the specific functions of the machine that you are designing.

Stepper Motor Controllers