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Performance criteria for remaining in good standing are:

  1. producing required parts with the microfactory, inventorying, and preparing for workshops
  2. executing workshops successfully and meeting quotas - including finishing builds successfully in a timely manner, as well as receiving a minimum of 3 of 5 star reviews from workshop participants on the Workshop Review Form
  3. engaging in further R&D effectively towards successful quarterly product releases
  4. engaging in personal development, by spending 5 hours weekly (on top of a 40 hour week) on other reading and learning that helps you do your work better or become a better person - by learning insights and skills and becoming a whole person

Fellows are expected to be working for OSE - the nonprofit organization (as opposed to the open source ecology movement) - full time. Any workshops that are run must be run under OSE, and not under the Fellow for their individual gain. Further, there may be other opportunities for Fellows to fulfill OSE kit orders or to produce other products from the OSE Open Source Everything Store. This revenue will go towards the Fellow's revenue accounting for that month's performance quotas - see OSE Fellows Revenue Considerations.

Workshop Preparation

Part of workshop preparation involves printing and cutting parts using the 3D printer, laser cutter, CNC circuit mill, and other power tools such as an abrasive cutoff saw. In addition, Fellows will have to have space available for cutting and welding steel frames using a small portable welder unit. Preparation also includes generating feedstock 3D printing filament from the plastic waste stream. We will collaborate on developing proven formulas for producing 3D printing filament from various scrap plastic or plastic pellet feedstocks.

To this end - all of the Fellow's machines must be maintained in good working order, and Fellows must dedicate space in their home or garage for this purpose. Ventillation is required for 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC milling, and welding.

Participant Quotas

Certain productivity quotas must be met on a monthly basis. The

  • Bare minimum - 10 XM or 3-4 XE builds are required as a bare minimum. This is not financially sustainable, and we must collaborate to improve this performance.
  • Desired outcome - 20 XM or 7-8 XE build are the desired outcome. This allows OSE to cover all of its operating costs in order to grow as an organization.
  • Optimal outcome - the optimal outcome that allows for a bonus is more than 20 XM or 8 XE builds.

R&D Work

Team meetings for Fellows occur as the daily standup, in which we go over current progress. Clear and visible burndown must occur on a weekly basis - with about 8% weekly burndown required for the 12 week quarterly product release cycle. Note that burndown is not linear - with the final completion (90 to 100) being potentially more difficult than the burndown at the beginning of a project.

Personal Development

We have observed that personal development is indispensible to OSE work in order to grow one's resilience within Mission Impossible. Creating the open source economy is countercultural, and it requires a high level of independent thinking and resilience to negotiate its intricacies. A high level of personal integration and a willingness to engage in self-criticism towards ongoing learning is needed to live the open source way. We found through the years - counterintuitively - that deep cultural alignment with open source is actually very difficult to achieve, even if it appears to exist on the surface. For this reason we strongly suggest that Fellows engage in an ongoing quest for personal development, which is key to establishing a level of self-esteem that makes open source work possible. We will in fact set up a time slot within the weekly team meeting for team members to share their learnings about personal development - which may span areas from cultural literacy, psychological integration, compassion, esteem, big picture ideas, ecstasis, amazing insights, personal accomplishments, and other aspects of the journey related to the pursuit of happiness - as we gain skills that substantiate the possibility of a happy and fulfilled life.