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In 2013, OSE will be developing its modular building techniques to the construcion of a number of heavy machines - by developing rapid prototyping, collaborative Design Parties. The general technique we would like to develop is preparing clear explainer materials and inviting designers, modelers, engineers, rapid prototypers - and bringing 3D Printers and small laser cutters for modeling - and preparing full designs, CAM files, and IKEA-style fabrication diagrams in preparation for prototyping of real machines. This way, we can fabricate objects such as tractors and cars - where we could even 3D print modular car bodies.

We are trying to push the limits of what it would take to rapidly design, prototype, and build real machines - just like we have shown that we could build our machines in One Day last year.

To invite people to this, we would like to start with a crisp, 2 minute explainer video. A good start is using Full Printed as a model of the type of communication and content that we can convey. We can add collaborative design to that mix.

Very Rough Draft

Based on Full Printed, here is the story of digital production. Scan with 123D Catch, design with Sketchup Tractor Construction Set, print with Lulzbot and Lasersaur, repository with Github or Documentation Taxonomy.

Show how one can go from Design Party -> laser/3D print rapid prototype for proofing -> real fabrication via cnc torch table -> and out come machines like tractors, trucks, and ironworker machines.

Wrap in GrabCAD, OSHWA, WikiHouse, Doc Jam, OSE Jam, Enterprise Jam, Khan Academy for quality education. IKEA style.

Strategy: Solicit potential support from groups mentioned. WOuld 123D want to throw in cash to support this if a spectacular video pumping their product was created? Need to negotiate advertising vs. purity of message.


  • 3D Scan example - you're pissed because a silly part is expensive and you scan it and print your own
  • Can you make usable parts? See Urbee. For OSE, certain large plumbing fittings that are expensive or don't exist.
  • Focus: effective, rapid development method, where common people can participate, with a purpose. The purpose is the scope of the different empowering machines created - where people get inspired by the result - either in building their own environment - or helping the less privileged.
  • Useful audiences:
    • Pilot project candidates
    • University students for design sessions at universities
  • GVCS in 2 Minutes
  • Distillations see this series