OSE Global Classroom Requirements + Value Proposition

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  1. A way to get all classrooms around the world to collaborate on open source product design
  2. Basis of 3D printers, design thinking, FreeCAD usage using a basic FreeCAD distribution curated for simplicity (FreeCAD 16 core)
  3. Involves the OSE Wiki with templates as a repository of design.
  4. Focuses on curated products. Students can sell these by providing drop-shippable kits via Kit.com, Amazon, and 3D prints by the students.
  5. Constributes to the Open Source Everything Store
  6. Part of the OSE product launch at the publishing of the OSE Book
  7. Value proposition involves learning mechanical design - by actually printing parts for the 3D printer itself. Such as ball bearings and geardowns.