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  • Invest in rapid learning infrastructure and moral intelligence
  • This drives motivation, and takes the current 1% developed state of civilization to 100% (think of pie chart where existing wealth is a thin sliver, and future wealth is the large pie). We enlarge the pie for everyone.


Concept and Approach

After obtaining certain Technical Milestones for Industrial Productivity on a Small Scale, it becomes possible to displace Finance Capital entirely with collaborative, Distributive Enterprise which is funded via Open Source Social Capital as opposed to Finance Capital. For example, an individual would be able to build a $100k tractor for $500 - given access to productive infrastructure that enables this to happen.


  1. Document a $1000/person/day Extreme Manufacturing revenue model for bootstrapping R&D work
  2. Educate candidates on this via immersion training. 3/4 of it is online, 1/4 is on site for the exam.
  3. Publish e-Book on starting a 3D printer business
  4. Develop operations and marketing for 3D printers. This involves:
    1. Positioning as R&D that matters, plus publishable R&D
    2. Lecture tours
    3. OSE Club startup
    4. Research abstracts to Dr. Pearce, with OSE Clubs and Curriculum Projects directly tied to Abstracts
    5. Direct marketing to schools, getting on Approved Vendor Lists
    6. Recycling angle
  5. Hire one person per subject area, as product owner for one of the GVCS 50
    1. Multimachine - swiss screw machine, heavy duty lathe, indexing head, position lock, DRO with laser distance measurement; up to 3" shaft and bearing size
    2. 3DP - big one, variations, Design Guide
    3. CNC Torch - 1" axis, oxyhydrogen generation
    4. Laser Cutter - small one, then powerful diode fiber lasers
    5. Circuit Mill - circuits, aluminum milling
    6. MIG Welder - from Arduino to 450A for $20 with Aluminum heatsinks and house heating.
    7. Hot Rolling - from scrap to 3" ingot, to make approximately 1/2"x4" square tubing (as in heavy duty frames) and 2"x4" bar
    8. Solar Concentrator - saturated steam, house heat, heat exchanger, hydronics
    9. Hydraulic Motor - cylinder, motor, scale model
    10. Modern Steam and engines -
    11. Induction Furnace - electronics, feedback, 3" feedstock, scrap feedstock; up to 3" billet, 8' long. Makes 1/2" wall tractor tubing (4") and 1"x7" slabs. 1/4"x28". Plenty for initial purposes and pressure vessels. Makes up to 18" diameter 1/8" wall pipe.
    12. Wire Drawing - Wire from scrap. MIG welding wire production, hot wire processes, MIG casting, in situ windmill tower printing
    13. Bioplastic Extruder - extruder nozzles, extruders for printers, filament making, filament compositing
    14. Hammermill/cutter/shredder/grinder - slow and fast grinders, rock crushers, laimet screw, and other
  6. Outsource marketing
  7. Develop full $100k microfactory with building and 100kW PV as a basic model for transcending artificial scarcity
  8. With microfactory model in place, we can replicate OSE Campus facilities rapidly around the world, to end artificial scarcity and to leapfrog. Start with various communities in the USA.
  9. 9 day per month requirement for enterprise, rest is R&D, to generate $10,800 per month. Salary of $3-5k per month starting.

In the $500 tractor model - scrap steel + 4800lb steel per day, but can be largely automated from a control room in a virtual video game.