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These are the technical milestones required for the smooth operation of a Village Campus by 2028. These milestones refer to industrial performance necessary to both produce industrial productivity on a small scale - meet strict quality control standards - and harmonize with lifecycle stewardship that leads to regenerative development and afforestation.


  1. 100 micron accuracy, precision, and repeatability of 3D printing features in plastic, or about the limit of human eyesight.
  2. RAMPS-based heavy duty machining with 1000 lb of force. See Machining Forces.
  3. Heavy duty cubic plastic-steel-concrete composite frames for 1000lb force and 10 micron deflection.
  4. Stepper motors with infinite geardown producing 1000 lb force and
  5. $1000/day (5 ton) solar concrete production from 200kW array. Feasibility study of small scale solar cement production.
  6. MIG casting feasibility for 100 micron accurate parts
  7. 200 lb/hour steel 3" round ingot production for 8' lengths at 10 cent per lb cost ($20 cost, or 200kWhr with off-grid PV for $2 in energy and $18 in labor for 10 minutes of attendance time )
  8. Feasibility of steel hot rolling of the 8" ingots to 1x8, 1/2x16, 1/4x32, and 1/8x64 sheet.
  9. Feasibility of 3D print-to-metal Desktop Foundry with ZA alloys for small aluminum and low T melting parts up to 10 lb.
  10. Feasibility of MIM pellet filament production
  11. Feasibility of rubber tire production at 20lb/day rates per extruder, and 100 lb/day per machines
  12. 100 lb force plastic/steel/concrete composite frames for small milling and torch table.
  13. Feasibility of nonviolence paper via lifecycle stewardship in production. Includes feasibility study on PV, hydrogen, plastic, concrete, steel, and ceramic.
  14. $10,000 revenue per day, 200kW, family business PV facility. Produces 30kW/day - or 120 panels per day. 5 per hour.


  • Validate Solar Cement Calculations of 5 tons/day for 200kW array
  • Can MIG Casting convert 3D printed parts to steel and aluminum with sub 1 mm resolution?
  • Can a 100kW induction furnace be built for $5k for the power electronics, cooling, and heating coil? Crucible is included.
  • Can cutting gas oxyhydrogen be produced at a cost of $500 per 10kW?
  • Can a welder power supply for MIG be built for $100 for 10kW?
  • Can a 100kW induction furnace produce 2500 lb of 3" ingot feedstock per day?