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Internet Upgrades 2021

Work doc


We have this Asus Router

Internet Upgrades 2019


OSE Internet Benchmarking

See OSE Internet Benchmarking

From Hermit Berber


Domains and Server

  • Pingdom monitors wiki URL, sending notifications to webadmin@opensourceecology.org and ops@opensourceecology.org. Uptime Robot monitors wiki and forum URLs, sending notifications to webadmin@opensourceecology.org. Hetzner is OSE’s server, Client ID: C0704628411, Support number: +49 (0) 9831 61006-1. Report to issues to Executive Staff.
  • Hetzner is OSE’s server, see hard-copy information in HabLab office.

/are any of these working? i tried them all this past week at diff hours in the day without any response :(


  • Pressed 3 for disconnect. Bad connection.

Internet 2019

After a decade of 4MB service with poor customer support, OSE upgraded to 1GB fiber as soon as it was avaiable. Trenching cost was $8k. It costs $49/month for 200MB, adn $99/month for 1GB. Now OSE is in a position to broadcast effectively to the world.

  • Account info doc - [1]

OSE Internet Log

OSE Internet Log

Internet and Phone

  • Customer support chat - [2]. Email to Centurylink - [3]
  • Customer Care Dept - 800.201.4099
  • Account number 403580129. Home.
  • Active:
  • Dec 18, 2017: 1226 is currently active, about $45+/month
  • Aug 20, 2018: activated Hablab lines (1224 and 2301), $45 per line per month. 3 lines active: $135/month
  • Oct 19, 2018: called to deactivate Hablab lines, was informed they were already disconnected. Previous bill was issued on beginning of October and included all 3 lines; the next bill will be issued in early November and include only 1 line. A new bill was received on Nov.9 with all 3 lines. Called again on Nov. 14 to ask that HabLab lines be disconnected. During phone call, was informed that all lines are now disconnected except for the (816) 449-1226 one. Cancellation will take place on Nov.15 but be back dated Oct. 19. New monthly fee is $45 + taxes and fees. Was told to ignore the bill received on Nov. 9 and wait for a new bill that should arrive, at the latest, on Nov 19 or 20.
  • Lines. To connect or disconnect lines, call 877.270.7498
  • (816) 449-1226,for MicroHouse, est. May 29, 2014, 907 SW Willow Rd
  • (816) 449-1224 for HabLab I, est. Aug 2012, 900 SW Willow Rd
  • (816) 449-2045 for Huts/Workshop, est. 2012, 900 SW Willow Rd
  • (816) 449-2301 for HabLab II, est. June 2014, 907 SW Willow Rd
  • For all issues call CenturyLink help - 800.809.1410, Press 2 for existing customers, Press 5 for repair and tech support
  • Customer care, such as extra lines - 800.788.3500
  • Internet troubleshooting - such as red light on router - 800.788.3600
  • Tony F - internet line technician - 816.244.7803

The account number is our telephone number: 8164491224, and second one, 816.2045

Internet and Phone Diagram

Accurate as of 2014-09-04. Created by User:Greg_Buckland

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Internet Line 1 - Cordwood

  • Internet line fixed from 1.5 to 4MB on 4/12/14.
  • We got a wireless bridge -

The Problem

Factor e Farm needs a network solution that allows OSE to connect the various buildings that are currently on site as well as buildings that will be added in the future.

Century Link Router

The only real purpose of this router is to serve as a modem to the DSL connection from the internet service provider (ISP). This router is operating as the DHCP server for the HabLab network, meaning that it is providing IP addresses for any wireless repeaters or access points that are added to the network (including the TP-Link WiFi router I set up on 3/13/14). This router is not broadcasting a WiFi network.

Linksys WRT54GL

This piece of hardware is running Tomato as its operating system, an open source router administration program. It is located in the shelves and connected by eth0 to the CenturyLink pk5001a modem in the mud hut. It is set up to operate as an access point for the HabLab network. The SSID is 'wireless.'


I managed to successfully connect to the Internet through the TP-Link router using this system. Testing in the Microhouse was a minor success as the internet connection worked, but was exceedingly slow. I decided this was most likely due to the TP-Link not having the range to comminicate back to the Linksys switch. I advised Marcin to connect a directional antenna to the TP-Link to solve this problem. I also suspect the signal is being hampered by brush and tree branches; placing it in a high, clear position should improve this.



This system is operational and provides OSE with a good basis to design more advance networking solutions. The Linksys WR54GL is extremely versatile with Tomato installed, but is limited to the 802.11b/g protocols. This means the point-to-point connections will be limited to 54 Mbps; sufficient for now (the dsl connection only gets speeds of 4.0 Mbps), but it will turn into a bottle-neck as the network continues to scale up.

The Next Steps

Based on these results, it seems it would be relatively easy to connect many sites around Factor e Farm using a similar combination of point-to-point and localized WiFi networks. It should also be possible to build a mesh network using Tomato-enabled Linksys routers, something like what is described here

HabLab Line

  • 4MB working internet, 3/11/14


Ben to Marcin -

I have attached all of the configuration materials for the routers at Factor e Farm, and I've updated the wiki page for OSE Internet with a description of what I did on Thursday. I think this should be enough information for you to get access to everything and make any changes that are needed. I also wanted to let you know I took down some of the pictures. I'm not entirely sure if sharing MAC addresses can be a security risk or not, so I figured it would be safer to remove them.

One thing that I didn't have time for was to password protect the two WiFi networks, and like I said this can be a significant privacy issue. I recommend you set up WPA2 Personal security on both the HabLab and OSEone networks.


  • If you are connected to the HabLab network you should be able to access everything through wifi, otherwise you can just connect to a device using an ethernet cable. The security for this network needs to be set through the Linksys Router (the admin details are in the txt attachement).
  • Connect to the router through it's IP address.
  • Click 'Basic' on the left sidebar
  • Scroll down to the wireless section.
  • Choose the drop down menu labeled security.
  • Select WAP2 Personal/Enterprise
  • Enter the desired password.
  • The network might work fine after this point, but you might need to reconfigure the TP-Link to connect again. This can be done by just running through the initial set up on the device and telling it to work as a repeater for the HabLab network.


You can set the password for this network through the Century Link router in the HabLab. The login details for this are on the bottom of the router.

I wish I had more time to spend on the network while I was there, but regardless, doing this has given me a lot of ideas for things I could be set up to improve the network around the farm. With all of the construction you guys are looking to do this year, it would probably be beneficial to get internet services to each area. What I set up last Thursday could form the groundwork for a mesh network at Factor e Farm to connect everything.

I think I am going to spend some time in the coming weeks looking into what it would take to scale up something like what I did for the MicroHouse. It looks possible to create a network that would connect the HabLab, the two workshops, campsite, and any Microhouses or other structures together.

Ethernet Cablling info

Equipment Links

  • zBoost cell phone booster - [4]
  • TP Link Access Point - [5] - 3*5dBi Detachable Omni Directional (RP-SMA) - [6]
  • Directional Antenna - [7] - RP-SMA Connection to Router/Access Point)