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  1. No login or easy login
  2. Readily embeddable in wiki, and resizable
  3. Editable right in wiki - adding/moving/allocating tasks
  4. Lean - just task, name, and 4 columns. Just like Scrumy

See example of Scrumy:


Existing Solutions

  • Draw.io has a kanban board template, and is crowd editable, appears to be live like Google Docs - [1]. See Draw.io Kanban Test

Idea 1, google drive

Each page is a stream, a.k.a a theme. link

Idea 2, excel two sheeters


Benefits of this method is that the data can be gathered for dashboards, analytics, and automatic summaries.

Idea 3, editable google drawing

With a nice permanent background template - this can look professional.

The same as idea 2, but using google drawing instead.

MJ test:

Process for making embedded, editable, no-menu google docs

  1. Change settings to editable
  2. Get the editable link
  3. add width and height
  4. add &rm=minimal in the end to get rid of the menu
  5. If your slides contain something about.id in the end, take it away, and add the '?&rm' after the /edit in the url.
  6. If you still have a menu, then get rid of any other code (widget, scroll) etc.