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This is a sample Mentorship Agreement as is uses currently by OSE. This is a useful template for others to learn about or learn from our program. Conditions and terms are subject to change based on the specifics of each candidate.


Training and Certification

  1. Name of OSE Mentorship Candidate - __________ Official title is OSE Fellow.
  2. The training program is a direct mentorship relationship between the OSE Founder and the Candidate, that provides a curriculum of a weekly meeting, and a 20 hour work/study assignment for the Candidate each week to gain the technical competency in OSE operations. The program also includes a final project of the student's choice. The program also includes the ability to get certified by engaging hands-on in builds, teaching events, and workshops, where the student either does the work remotely or in a physical location. See OSE Skills Certification
  3. The weekly study can include but is not limited to:
    1. designing, building, using, and developing an enterprise around GVCS machines,
    2. 3D printing
    3. 3D CAD design in FreeCAD
    4. Microcontrollers, basic coding, and basic power electronics design
    5. Plastic recycling infrastructure for making 3D printing filament
    6. House and structure design for construction
    7. Collaborative literacy for large-scale collaborative design and build projects
    8. Machine design
    9. CNC machine design
    10. Tractors, Power Cubes, and heavy machinery for agriculture and construction
  4. The final project is up to the student's choosing, based on their interest
  5. Training period is assumed to be 2 years from August 13, 2020, at 20 hours of time requirement per week. The candidate may shift to a 1-year program if they can do 40 hours of time per week, to be decided at the beginning of Month 5.
  6. Optional: the Candidate can pursue formal certification of various skills from OSE. These are typically performance-based exams - where one either builds a machine, or does teaching or runs a workshop under realistic conditions. For example, STEAM Camp Certification Level 2 may be attained by running an actual STEAM camp, after serving as an assistant in another STEAM Camp. There is a number of skills certifications to choose from, see OSE Skills Certifications. The Candidate may choose whichever certifications that they like within the duration of the OSE Mentorship program, and may do so at any time throughout the program after learning the necessary skills.
  7. Each Fellow shall operate as an entity for the public interest and the benefit of all humankind, as part of movement entrepreneurship to solve Pressing World Issues

Candidate Duties

  1. The general intent of the Mentorship is for the Candidate to both learn and contirbute to enterprise development, product development to assist in the collaborative completion of the GVCS by 2028 and to develop the collaborative OSE product line.
  2. Candidate keeps a Work Log with all work product, contributes to the OSE Forum, and has on option to publish a guest blog on the main OSE blog.
  3. Candidate participates in the public sphere with presentations, talks, and public meeting recordings.
  4. Works openly by publishing all relevant work online as a general practice for complete transparency of its process.
  5. Abides by DIN SPEC 3105 for all hardware documentation - meaning that all work is open source, including product blueprints and enterprise blueprints.
  6. Participates in all large-scale design sprints such as Incentive Challenges, STEAM Camps, hackathons, and Extreme Enterprise events.
  7. Develops a workshop/fabrication facility for product development, experimentation, and training.
  8. Produces the products it sells or uses in its programs

Candidate Activities

  1. Candidates may offer product sales of OSE-based products.
  2. OSE brand may be used only by written permission, which requires related skills certification for quality control
  3. Candidate is encouraged to participate in Extreme U - coordinating University Chapters in the chapter's region or country
  4. Candidate is encouraged to participate in Extreme Enterprise - grand, annual, collaborative event for product release
  5. Candidate is encouraged to participate in the Open Source Everything Store as a Distributive Enterprise
  6. OSE annual conference - each chapter participates hands-on-deck at the OSE International Headquarters (conditions allowing)
  7. OSE Fellows, after completing their OSE Mentorship, have advancement opportunities to continue developing their capacity and skills in collaboration with OSE. This could be to form OSE Chapters, a full Open Source Microfactory, and an OSE Campus, in coordination with OSE International. Each Chapter may advance their status from a regional to a national branch, or a continental branch as a special economic zone.

Finances and Legal

  1. Admission is on a rolling basis. After initial video of interest, interviews, reference check, - and securing mentorship, sponsorship, and facility - the Candidate may be admitted. Offer letter is presented.
  2. Mentorship tuition is $10k to be paid by wire to OSE in two installments: one upon signing the contract, and a second one to be submitted in 2 months from signign this agreement. Materials costs for 3+ 3D printers, CNC torch, filament maker, and shredder will be about $10k in US prices (may be different depending on location), and the Fellow covers these independently. Fellow sources parts locally.
  3. If the candidate changes their mind, there is a 50% cancellation fee up until 4 months from official acceptance. After the 4 month period, the tuition fee is non-refundable.
  4. OSE Fellow may apply for Skills Certification any time throughout the program.
  5. OSE Fellow covers travel, food, and lodging to any OSE events, and receives complimentary housing whenever such is available from OSE. OSE Fellowship includes free tuition to any OSE programs.
  6. Each OSE Fellow tends not to engage in non-disclosure agreements as a general rule for all of its work
  7. No patents or trade secrets shall be obtained or kept, as all work is intended to benefit all humankind.

Nonperformance or Termination

  1. Grounds for Dismissal. During the training phase, not publishing of results transparently or not collaborating openly is grounds for dismissal. All work shall be published openly, as opposed to trade secrets or patents. We work openly and collaboratively. A candidate will receive warning as to this issue, and if not corrected, the candidate will be terminated. Mentorship tuition is not refundable in case of termination.
  2. If the Fellow does not fulfill his weekly assignments, the program end date will not be extended to meet those delays. The Fellow has only the allowed duration to work with.
  3. Withdrawal - If the candidate needs to discontinue participation for whatever reason, withdrawal can be pursued by notice in writing (email will do). If withdrawal occurs within 4 months of program acceptance, 50% of the tuition is refundable. After that, tuition is non-refundable.


  1. In the event of emergencies, natural calamities, war, pestilence, or other unforeseen factors - the Mentorship program will be resumed when conditions allow, and end date of mentorship will be extended accordingly.