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The OSE Mentorship program has been introduced in 2020. It is a 1-2 year mentoring program hosted by the leadership of OSE. Candidates are trained to replicate OSE operations in this time frame in order to start an enterprise based on OSE's work, which may include production of machines, an OSE Chapter, or another collaborative relationship in another location. The eventual track of chapters creation is towards building a network of OSE Campuses worldwide.

Intent - OSE Mentorship Agreement

The intent of the OSE Mentorship is to start long-term relationships with individuals interested in carrying the work of OSE forward, in close collaboration with OSE. Current active areas include housing, 3D printing, and heavy machines. To provide maximum flexibility - it is the candidate's choice as to how closely they work with OSE after the Mentorship. For the closest collaboration with OSE along OSE's roadmap to the completion of the GVCS by 2028, the OSE Chapter route can be followed. If a Fellow wants to start other projects, based on OSE technology but not along OSE's critical path - then the candidate can choose to work independently. In the case of independent operation, OSE provides the skills training via the Mentorship, and OSE can certify the candidate's skill set with its certification exams. The certification exams are independent from certification as an official OSE Chapter. In the independent operation route - the candidate cannot use OSE's brand without specific permission.

For the OSE-aligned route under the OSE brand - the OSE Mentorship can be followed by further negotiation of a formal Chapter agreement. A Chapter agreement can apply to any region of the world, and starts with local/regional chapters of OSE. There is currently no restriction on the locations of Chapters, as Chapters are driven primarily by interested stakeholders - who operate from their local base. The growth path with OSE may include the transition of local chapters to full Open Source Microfactories, and further growth to land-based OSE Campuses - at the regional, country, and international level. The collaborative goal of all the prospective Chapters for the near term (until 2028) is completion of the GVCS as a basis for replicating OSE Campuses worldwide.

There are 3 separate phases: Training, Skill Certification, and Chapter Charter or its dissolution. The Training and Certification is a prerequisite for a Chapter Charter. The phase of the OSE Mentorship involves the Training part, with skills certification as an optional part that is included in the Mentorship. Skills certification is pursuant to performance exams in building machines, teaching, and running workshops, to be defined specifically at a later date. Skill Certification measures one's ability to execute on OSE-based programs, and allows the candidate to run such programs - though not under the OSE brand. Only the Chapter Charter allows for operation under the OSE brand.

More Information and Application

Read more information, and apply by going to OSE Chapters Proposal.

The application process is described at OSE_Chapters_Concept#Application_and_Requirements.


  • For further information and application process, see OSE Chapters Proposal
  • Older program from 2018, from which we learned that we need to shift to a longer OSE Mentorship format because of the learning curve involved.[1]. Wiki page on the 2018 program - OSE_Immersion_Program