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The OSE Mentorship teaches collaborative problem solving towards movement entrepreneurship. We learn how to learn, so that we can get up to speed on unsolved problems in society - using an integrated, multidisciplinary, boundary-crossing approach that spans all human disciplines from history, applied numeracy, flow psychology, economics, military studies, and leadership - among others. We learn psychosocial integration to cultivate the courage and art of possibility which places ourselves in a win-win mindset for problem-solving - as opposed to individualism. As a hands-on project, we take on projects to design and build organizations with fresh operating principles based on a systems-transformation approach fueled by best practice. Curriculum for Year 1 involves a survey of natural phenomena, human possibility, unsolved problems, and house design to use house construction as a bootstrap funding mechanism. The key outcome revolves around understanding basic principles of how the world works, in order to start asking fundamental questions on the design and operation of all sectors of civilization. The intent is to create change agents who commit fully to solving frontiers of human systems evolution, such as solving corruption, poverty, or loss of meaning.

However, this would be nothing without practice. OSE Mentorship candidates must be engaged in, or start engaging in upon starting the Mentorship - a full-time program of enterprise startup - of an open enterprise. The enterprise startup must be in some way related to the Seed Eco-Home product ecosystem, such as supporting machines, modules, design tools etc. The content must be developed under an open license, and specifically intended for open publishing as part of a transition to the open, collaborative economy that unleashes human potential. This is with the full intent of eradicating artificial scarcity in housing - which starts with the practice of open enterprise.

My personal note - I thrive in working with people who are making a better world, and would love to share all my knowhow in making that happen. This will make the Seed Eco-Home ecosystem better, and make the world better. There is clear inspiration value in open enterprise, and we look forward to collaborating with anyone who engages in this.


Is house construction an adequate bootstrap funding mechanism - for all types of transformative work around the world? Yes, if it produces the highest quality housing at optimized cost and speed, and can be run as a home-based enterprise with a truck, trailer, and open source multi-tractor. As a multitrillion dollar market segment, housing takes mission alignment to develop the housing product, but we believe that the demand and thus interest in solving housing for oneself and the world can lead to the largest collaborative effort in human history. This is based on the potential to become the single most important solution to reduce the cost of living to provide economic independence, especially if ecoindustrial activity is integrated within the house. To turn the house away from a cost, and into a productive asset. By reduction of operating scale through smart integration and open source, modular design, we believe that industry can operate at the household scale while providing industrial levels of productivity. That is, if open, collaborative design takes hold, allowing even individuals to produce advanced artifacts at an unprecedented small scale. This is clearly true for lifetime-design assembly-based manufacturing (as opposed to materials production), decentralized to the household and village scale. Note that 1 acre of PV is sufficient for 3MWhr of daily energy. And that 3D printing of wood, plastic, and metal - combined with electric motors, sensors, microcontrollers, and stock metal - can produce just about any artifact available at Amazon. This requires about $3B of development (induction furnace, rod/wire mill, 3D printer in plastic, ceramic, wood, metal), an open source design platform, electric motor making, precision machining, welder, hammermill, plastic extruder, CEB press, sawmill, and hydraulic motors) and one year of time with a 1000 person team for each effort - to accomplish.


We will recruit the combination of mentees, a bevy of retired Level 5 leaders (and other seasoned entrepreneurs who are open to post-scarcity thinking). Plus, resource developers for funding, and inspire people with 1-day Extreme Manufacturing builds of houses, cars, diamond makers, and demining machines.

  • Paying up-and-coming mentees (18+)
  • Level 5 Leaders
  • Resource developers
  • Brute force Extreme Manufacturing demos


The OSE Mentorship is an opportunity for you to learn about collaborative movement entrepreneurship, using a open collaborative techniques. It is as much about developing a vision and mindset of collaboration - along with the skill set to build things. We build optimized products as product ecologies that deliver the promise of improving the quality of life for everyone - and the mentee participates in this process as much as possible. The intended audience is individuals who have a high capacity for rapid, integrated learning. This consists of an hour-long weekly meeting - directly with me - Marcin Jakubowski - where we delve into the philosophical and practical aspects of open-collaborative development, regenerative design, open source appropriate technology, and movement entrepreneurship. The intent is to provide a strategic and tactical awareness of what it takes to work on pressing world issues - using truly open, inclusive, and collaborative techniques - to create an inclusive economy of abundance. Via an approach that centers on entrepreneurship, which provides financial independence as a prerequisite to the freedom of choice required to take on important work. The goal here is to cultivate mindsets of possibility regarding solving remaining unsolved problems in civilization - and to cultivate a culture of discipline that can anable anyone who is truly interested - to take on this path as a way of life. The OSE Way.

The OSE way is a lifeling learning process. The Mentorship is intended to build a closely-knit community, with a goal of a full-time transition to OSE-inspired work. To make this happen, we develop open, collaborative enterprise as a means of bootstrapping progress. This is a response to my frustration at my obvious conviction that collaboration can produce better results - yet every corporation is proprietary, reinventing the wheel instead of unleashing true progress. So far I have not met a single entrereneur in the world - who is interested in collaborating on an open enterprise with scalable impact. Even in the world of open source. So I have to do this myself: first by starting a robust open enterprise (Seed Eco-Home), and building a community around the OSE way - who aspires to Level 6 Leadership.

This comes from my recognition of the importance of mentorship, and I have a mentor who has changed my life. Imagine - direct access to decades of life's learnings so you don't have to make the same mistakes. For me, my last 2 decades of deep immersion in building things and conceptualizing integrated systems and institutions - are priceless. Before college, I would only dream of building such things. Now, I am working on a scalable enterprise around the same Global Village Construction Set ideology conceptualized first in 2008. Transformative impact can occur when people can gain the freedom to do what they want with their lives - and that such a true freedom can come only from bootstrapped entrepreneurship - if we are serious about solving pressing world issues. I would pay dearly for an opportunity to learn with someone who can shorten my path on such a journey. If you think you can benefit from my guidance, then join me. It is not free - but if you are interested in such an immersion, then let's talk.

Think of this as direct access to experience that can shorten your path of learning. In the ideal situation, you would not only be learning, but contributing your skills, insights, and knowhow to OSE - within the framework of creating an inclusive economy of abundance as described in the GVCS TED Talk.


The intent of the OSE Mentorship is to start long-term relationships with individuals interested in carrying the work of OSE forward, in close collaboration with OSE. The program is flexible, but it does hold collaboration as its highest ideal. That means that we work on BHAGs aimed at solving pressing world issues, and anyone who joins the mentorship works in alignment with and in support of the current Missions of OSE. Since we are into lifelong learning, we intend for the Mentorship to create a powerful learning community. For the most satisfying relationship, I expect to learn from the people that I am mentoring. When new people join, we will all meet together. Each meeting will involve about a half OSE lore, and half task coordination - once more people join the Mentorship. Note that the mentorship is not exclusive, as we are all collaborating.

My promise is to attract people who are potential open enterprise collaborators. This means that for every person that joins - the enterprise gets closer to succeeding - as we all collaborate on the same enterprise. Either in a distributed or a co-located way.

The intended outcome is for people to transition to working with OSE full time, starting an OSE Chapter, or other project-based endeavor. We have learned that the only way to guarantee continuity - a priority for OSE - is when people are paid for what they do. Volunteer work tends to be temporary and does not provide the continued effort required for product release - especially because the last steps of completion can take so long, and require discipline. The intent of the Mentorship is not to train volunteers, but people who are intending to do OSE work for a living. The current product release involves the Seed Eco-Home, and supporting machines such as 3D printing, heavy machines, autonomous vehicles.


Initially, the cost of the Mentorship is financial. Every new person joining pays this tuition. Over time, as the person starts to generate assets for the effort, and generates clear value towards completion according to our open source product development method - the Mentorship fee can transition to the value of the specific contributor. Our accounting is simple: the OSE Work Log where we publish all that we do: designs, strategies, CAD assets, conceptual diagrams, graphics assets, copy, etc.

Cost is negotiated on a case-by-case basis. It depends on what the mentee's goals regarding building things or enterprises, financial situation, commitment level to collaborative development, alignment with the OSE idealogy, level of grit, moving beyond ego to do things larger than oneself, and other aspects. The Mentorship is in no case free, as we believe that if one is not paying, they are not paying attention. If the above resonates with you feel free to ask more questions.