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We are integrating the Time-Binding capacity of humans (seminal work on General Semantics by Alfred Korzybski, and made accessible in Drive Yourself Sane) with the pursuit of autonomy, mastery, and purpose (Self-Determination Theory) to realize material prosperity as a prerequisite to human evolution - by eliminating artificial material scarcity as an underlying driver of the many facets of civilization.

Seminal works that is consistent with our ideals includes Gandhi, Buckminster Fuller, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, E. F. Schumacher, Michael J. Piore, Clive Ponting, Andrew Lobaczewski, George Westinghouse, Amory Lovins, Fred Rogers, and Jeff Moe.


  • It is a scarcity mindset that gets us into a violent, scarcity economy, A Chinese Wise Man Once Told Me. Thus, development of technology can not provide lasting prosperity. More fundamentally, a transformation of mindsets is required. Thus, do not develop technology. Develop mindsets. The technology is relevant only in so far as it provides a modern standard of living without violence.