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Microtractor Pilot

See Microtrac v17.10 for status.

It would require 3 months of full time effort for a project coordinator to do a pilot project towards a project release. To do anything impressive will take major preparation. It is easy to do this if we allow for a casual build - but we need to build efficiently (1 day to build, 1 day to test run). Marcin can't put in the effort for this for less than $10k per month for full time work, which is OSE's monthly budget. We built the last microtractor casually over 5 days with a team of 12. We would like to do that in 1 day - which would be impressive to our audience. This would require $10k more in build instructionals outlining specific tasks and workflow for 24 people (2 months full time for a documenter). We had none of this the last time. We would need 24 people to do the build in one day + 2 leaders outside of myself ($5k for labor at $15/hour). Materials are $5k, and travel is $5k if not at the OSE headquarters. So $55k out of the gate.