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OSE promises to set up a scalable training structure for genius level talent on collaborative design for solving pressing world issues.

The promise starts with a definite, which is 10000 hours of technical skill in 5 years. By practice of interleaving, we claim 3x the learning, as individuals must also learn how to learn, learn to tap their inner powers (meditation), and learn about pressing world issues.

A Ph.D. program is an industry standard that we can use to develop our program. 'Learning how to learn' is achievable if we replace 'hazing courses at the PhD level' - those courses that you have to take but whose learnings you will never apply: simply replace your 'core courses' with courses teaching you how to learn, which is the core skill required for integrated learning.

How do you learn meditation? This is like learning a sport or practicing religion. At the Ph.D. level, people play rec sports or have relaxation time. This time can be substituted with learning to meditate/sublimate - ie, various inner arts for achieving flow. By taking known best practices and working with them systematically. Or, if one is religious, the requirement would be to substitute spirituality for religion.

OSE would pay a stipend ($13-34k stipend [1], $12k value room and board). This is covered by work-study, where on top of the complete 10000 hr focus (8 hr days), there is a work-study requirement.

Typical day:

  • meditation practice - 2 hr
  • Technical skills of open, collaborative design (product dev including hardware, enterprise, and institutions) - 2 hrs classroom/lab per day, practice is 2 hrs per day of Real Design, after 1 hour of hands-on Rapid Learning Facility - and 1 hour of seminar/class.
  • Purpose - solving pressing world issues - is part of work-study. 4 hrs per day. You do relevant work and get paid. For example, to Solve Housing, you build more houses.
  • Weekends are off.