10000 Hours to Genius

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The amount of time of dedicated, focused practice that is a requirement to become a genius at anything. Now the question whether genius requires talent to begin with - still appears to be open.

Can 10,000 hours of practice make a genius - out of anyone?

Practical Experiment

The Dan Plan - https://www.zdnet.com/article/can-10000-hours-of-practice-make-a-genius/


But - Dan quit after 6000 hours. However, it's a great case study, and one should be performed which, first, gets to the 10000 hours - and has the various requirements met.


Dan's start: “The idea of talent is [like] living in a society of kings and princes,” he says. “If you don’t limit yourself by this idea ... it’s more like a democracy where anyone who’s willing to work [can] succeed.”

Also: “People’s intuitions about practice are nowhere near optimal,” says Robert Bjork, a professor in cognitive psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles, whose research has demonstrated the effectiveness of introducing “deliberate difficulty” into practice—for instance:

  • constant variety
  • “interleaving” between different skills - Interleaving is a learning technique that involves mixing together different topics or forms of practice, in order to facilitate learning. Interleaving helps people retain new information, acquire new skills, and improve existing abilities in a wide range of domains, such as math, music, and sports. [1]
  • “spacing” study to force students to retrieve, and embed, new knowledge between sessions. [2]


  • Dan did not interleave - But only after he’d burned months drilling single skills like putting—intuitively the best way to practice, but actually the least effective.
  • He had no financial support
  • He got into a relationship with responsibility for kids
  • Did not hang out with top players (lost membership at top club, relegated to weekend warriors club)
  • MJ comments - I see lack of internal motivation obtained from a lack of a deep purpose in the art being practiced. "I wonder how good I would be if I became a pro player" is self-indulgence - being a pro player is entertaining others, and only sometimes it means something larger such as being a civic leader like Muhammad Ali etc. It appears to be desire for recognition from others, not some deep inner work. Thus, the topic undertaken must have a deep purpose for the agent.
  • Dan got back problems in hour 6000. So pay attention to physical well-being - or generalize that to examining carefully any practical blocks that stand in the way

OSE Version

The 10000 hours model can be a useful model for how to structure the OSE Promise . From the article - Ericsson, for one, wants closure. He dreams of a foundation that would fund multiple Dans to devote themselves to excellence in different domains, mapping their steps for others. “For people in middle age, that sense some have that they’ve lost their chance is sad. If Dan could document his path more [that would give others] a trajectory.” Ericsson compares it to climbing a mountain: “The first person gets stuck but, over time, people figure out how to get to the top.” OSE's program is to take in students for 10000 hours to become a genius at Collaborative Design for a Transparent and Inclusive Economy of Abundance, or for Collaborative Design for Solving Pressing World Issues:

  • Learn how to learn - how to use more than 1% of our mind towards a Growth Mindset that together with meditation and sublimation skills explodes our Index of Possibility and turns us into Artists of Possibility
  • Learn to meditate and sublimate - out of which a universal connection arises, which is required for true collaboration (ie, my well being depends is connected to everyone else's, ie, we are all in it together)
  • Learn technical skills of collaborative, open, modular, design of material technologies - modularity, Construction Set Approach, requirements for open documentation, etc.
  • Learn about Pressing World Issues - outstanding issues that society in all its greatness has not solved. Understanding which are improving, and not, which are at risk of sliding backwards, etc.

Quit only when we solve all issues, become humble, or turn into gods.

Critical elements:

  • Community of peers. Peers are other distributed economic agent movement entrepreneurs.
  • Motivation - one highly evolved in acting upon Things That You Control. Ie, you understand that it's about your effort, not about what OSE can do for you. We just create the learning environment filled with practice in the things you learn.
  • Mentor - MJ and 12 prophets with monthly webinars, telling basically how you rose to power and how you achieved the Art of Possibility.
  • Rapid learning materials - effective rapid learning environment
  • Financial sustainability - with 1 year test where you pay
  • Infrastructure - a multimillion dollar campus with sublime features. 100% food, energy, fuel, production.
  • High level of interleaving is built in
  • Spacing - you know you have a long time - overview what is coming starts Day 1 so you can get oriented, and it helps you learn everything. But, you are responsible after Year 1 focus on Learning how to Learn - to wrap your head around the concept.