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The initial phase is builders. Critical requirements are technical skill (ability to build) and a willingness to learn. It appears that without a strong drive to learn, collaborators will not reach leadership positions. Our core is developing leadership.

The Promise

  • In 4 years, you gain complete mastery of building a specific type of home, the Seed Eco-Home, and a design capacity that allows you to design and build any variation in size or shape from scratch. Everyone in the initial cohort is invited for this specific goal. Does this mean, by studying Hiring Statistics, that we can promise higher pay than Ivy League grads?
  • Learn at your own pace - 6-24 months to get to 2% top pay for builders.
  • Set your own glass ceiling - because we don't set one for you. Do you want to be a builder? Entrepreneur? Level 6 Leader?


  • Rigor of hiring vs needing many people


  • Focus on communicating that we work on hard problems that take time to solve in order to manage expectations
  • Long Term: specific question in application - are you comfortable for the long term (Movement Entrepreneurship). Are you interested in building to flip or building to last. Therefore, one must have a patient, long term outlook. Clear up front that we work on 4 year publication timescales, and 10 year replication cycles. We are looking for people to work with us at least 4 years. If you are not sure, this may not be the best match, so if you become sure, come back and apply again.

Rigorous Discipline in Recruiting

  • Go through good numbers of candidates - how many? Could be 4. Could be 20.
  • Practical test - ship me a module, we pay shipping and materials upon receipt of undmaged product.
  • On-site interview, we subsidize travel for a weekend session where we work together.
  • Farmer work ethic, willingness to learn, giving nature (wants to help the world)
  • Commitment on our side is like creating a family member, adopting a child.

The Test

  • How do you tell if someone wants to be of service to society, and is not a fruitcake?
  • How can you tell if someone really means it about saving the world? How do I mean it? How do I show it?
    • They express themselves with confidence, as in, 'yes, let's do that'
  • How do we make sure that the people we accept are lifelong learners?
  • How do you tell grit? Any other way outside of farmer work ethic? FWE is easy to see, if not there, don't do it.
  • How do I know that they will be fun to work with? Day of work with them?

Filtering Process

How do you tell that outside of the person being pleasant, excited, etc - they will stand up to challenges? Ie, that they have scruples and aren't fair weather friends?

  • Grit: did they build something physically? Have I seen how they work physically - body awareness/agility/how they hold themselves, and after agility - craftsmanship, so they are not a Lenny Of Mice and Men.

Exit Opportunities

  • How do we make sure we can have a mutually beneficial exit in the first week?
  • in the first month?
  • In the first 3 months?
  • In the first year?

How to Eff it Up

  • People who form a clique agaist the leader.
  • Not enough candidates
  • Hiring too fast

How Exclusive Are We?

  • Very selective right now for people who are helpful
  • They have to be like an adopted child. Like your child. Are we building a crew and family?