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List of Possible Revenue Generation Strategies for OSE

  • AirBnB:
    • Hablab for groups
    • Workshop - take a rest in the country!
  • Host groups such as the Junior Youth Empowerment Program
    • Excellent overnight venue for youth camps
  • OSE Workshop Replication
    • Engage workshop participants to...
      • Bootstrap their own businesses
      • Replicate the workshops
  • Professional Development

Possible International Connections


  • Cesar Nunez - International School in Pereira, Columbia - international but mostly Colombian - [2]

Trinidad and Tobago

  • Bobby - Ganesh - runs a furniture business.


  • Dr. O'Toole - School of the Nations - preschool-Master's school in Georgetown.


  • William's Liberian team - Francis Hinna - based in London, Ontario. Manages city affairs for Goderich, Ontario.


Crystal and Tony - STEM Entrepreneurs in Shenzhen