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Monday October 24, 2021

Recent limits encountered with rapid learning of Collaborative Literacy during Summer X 2021 indicate that training in collaborative literacy needs to be taken to the next level. This can also be a revenue opportunity. As always, our materials are free, but the value added of hand-holding guidance can be a paid service. The outcome is people qualified for true development along recognized lines of capacity. This is exactly what we were already trying to do - except we did not have exams, tests, exercises, badges, or a community ready to support this. The community can be generated on Discourse. The exams must contribute valuable assets to OSE development for the contributions to be meaningful, as opposed to futile exercises. This means that the collaborator must be able to invest their time and money into the learning, where if they don't pay, they are not paying attention. The revenue pays for product managers to vet the contributions, creating a self-funded mechanism for committing designs and prototypes into the OSE ecosystem. This process needs to become scalable and self-funded - and it is the training-in-return-for-contributions model that can arrive at economically significant product. Contributors gain priceless, integrated education.