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OSE asks, "How can we engage mass participation in self-determination as a route to prosperity and peace on earth, as a foundation for further evolution to responsible civilization that reaches for the stars?"

The current Ukraine invasion underscores the continuing threat of autocracy interfering with democracy. Since 2006, democracy appears to be on a decline, see Democracy Facts.

Our current mental model is that mass participation can be engaged via education, at a tactical point where individuals can still be influenced in midlife-correction to regenerative work. Our mental model is simply: create regenerative livelihoods - at scale - meaning a highly accessible option. That option means simply: we'll train you after you graduate high school - do do regenerative work. So that the tree of liberty does not have to be refreshed so frequently with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

The questions we ask:

  1. Is the incentive of providing well-being, and simple guaranteed material security - sufficient to mid-course correct from autocratic directions back towards democracy? (think of Russian soldiers stealing washing machines, and this article - [1]
  2. Can this promise be delivered with a high rate of success (say 80% or more)?
  3. Can this be scaled so that a sufficient number of participants can join this education to gurantee a democratic society? What percentage of the population must join in order for the democratic process to be guaranteed, in eternity?
  4. How to normalize this - as a good investment in one's life - so that collaborative design for a transparent and inclusive world of abundance - is the chosen path instead of a standard career path?
  5. How do we make this very attractive, so that defection from democratic principles is eradicated in humans?