OSE Serial Numbers

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Serial numbers of OSE builds have this form:


Which stands for:

Organization (OSE)-Product (D3D 3D Printer)-Further Specification of Product which may have more than 3 characters (16" version)-Version (defined by year.month.day where sometimes day may be omitted or further specified down to the hour, in which case .HH:MM corresponding to Hour and Minute may be used-Item Number (0-9999 where each number corresponds to a complete machine built, and more digits may be included for high production numbers).

The identifiers OSE-D3D-16 should be such that it is unambiguous which machine is being referred to. Here this is D3D, the 16" frame version.

The product should be findable on the wiki at the D3D 16" page - ie, the Serial Number and the OSE Wiki should be related logically.

Serial numbers may be attached to the actual machine for identification purposes.

Serial number records may be kept on the OSE Wiki. This identification can be important - for example when finding replacement parts for lifetime service many years from the initial build.

For clarity, project maintainers should maintain official names and serial numbers. Currently - the list of machines and modules is at GVCS Modules, and is under development.