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Tech Stack Brainstorm

  • If anything doesn't fit here, please add/remove/annotate

Philosophy and Reasoning

  • Open-Source
  • Self-Hosted
  • Minimal Cost

Current Applications

  • Discord
  • VanillaBB

Potential Applications

  • Nextcloud - https://nextcloud.com/
    • Replace Google Cloud with Self-Hosted instance
    • Build out full-featured test instance with OnlyOffice and Element Integration
  • OnlyOffice - https://www.onlyoffice.com/
    • Replace Google Cloud Applications such as Presentation/Doc
    • Allows for real-time collaboration, scale to be determined
    • Anecdotal experience with OnlyOffice has been good. No major issues, but will have slight learning curve.
  • Element - https://element.io/
    • Replace Discord as it is not open-source and integrate directly into NextCloud instance
    • Good for instant communications at all times
  • UpCloud - https://upcloud.com/
    • Cloud Hosting for new servers that would need to be built
    • Alternative to Google or AWS Hosting
  • Discourse - https://www.discourse.org/
    • Replaces original forums
    • Long-term topic discussion that remains organized
    • Great features out of the box
  • Moodle - https://moodle.org/
    • Open-source Learning Management System
    • Compile all videos, reading, testing in one location
    • Automate instruction flow, badge/certificate awards
  • OpenID - https://openid.net/
    • Integrations available for all applications proposed
    • One Login for all Systems
    • Can become a member/sponsor for more benefits
  • OpenProject
    • Central location for managing all OSE projects and letting contributors freely assign/remove themselves

Past Recommendations/Software in Use

These are common software in use at OSE, which will be packaged into an OSE Linux.