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Introduction, 2016

This page considers the entire framework for how to produce videos within an open source framework. Such as: best open source animation programs; how to use MMORPG 3D engines to create simulation; how to do Sweet Home 3D Animations; how to edit in OpenShot or what is the best stable libre movie editor; how to transcode and compress/decompress files; Open Source Soundtracks; Open Source Sountrack Synthesizers/Music Synthesizers; and ultimately - Natron - the open source compositing software.

Downloading Video - Source Files

File Conversion

  • Zamzar - converts 1,200 different file types


  • OpenShot appears to be robust on Ubuntu.


  • 2015 review of the state of art in open source - Blender actually comes out on top for video editing - [1]
  • 2015 top 10, many ones I haven't seen yet; article appears to have no depth - [2]
  • 2014 article, insightful - [3]