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HintLightbulb.png Hint: A new template, {{osespec}}, is being developed in 2020 to capture the OSE Specifications review. This is done simply by going through all the elements and making each quality explicit by analyzing and documenting ways in which the quality is met. This forces the analyst to think consciously about aspects that otherwise remain subtle or unconsciously done


The OSE Specification Review is a translation of OSE Specifications for the specific needs of a given product. This Review, together with other Background and Research steps - allow for the formulation of product Requirements. It should be noted that the OSE Specification Review is a directive for generally desirable properties - whether achieved or not. The properties that have been either designed or reified are documented in the Value Proposition. After OSE Specification Review, the path towards calculating the OSE Specifications Metric Score becomes more clear.

The start of product design is marked by defining clear Requirements. To define the Requirements, one starts by taking the OSE Specifications, and specifying point by point how they can apply to the design project at hand. Then one considers the Product Ecology for how a product fits within a greater product system - which is essential to the nature of the GVCS as a minimum set of self-replicating machines. After considering the product ecology, one then examines the Genealogy - or past designs from which the current design is derived. Then one relates the desired qualities to those used by the mainstream status quo via a study of Industry Standards. Then, by considering How It Works and further Background Reading and Background Research - all under the broad umbrella of OSE Design Framework, the Requirements can be defined and a Design Rationale consistent with OSE goals can be proposed.

The goal of applying the OSE Specifications to product design is to align the direction of multiple stakeholders.


  • Take OSE Specifications and translate point-by-point into broad requirements that are applied to a particular technology as a starting point of development
  • This now serves as a set of design guidelines. As the project matures, the formal Requirements are updated and finalized. The distinction between the OSE Specifications Review and Requirements is that the OSE Specifications Review is a first draft of the Requirements. The OSE Spec Translation remains fixed - as it is more general - while the Requirements are a more specific instance - which may change through the development process as Test-Driven Design proceeds.