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The questionnaire below can be used to determine whether a product meets the OSE specifications. Each question counts as 1 or 0 depending on a positive or negative answer. There are 45 questions. The score is communicated on a scale of 0-100 in percent units by taking the tallied score, dividing by 45, and multiplying by 100.

For OSE relevance - 50% achieves a high level of relevance to OSE goals. Near 100% scores, as long as the design is open source hardware and software - qualifies for a deliberate effort of collaboration.

Economic Significance

  • Is it relevant for meeting the material needs of humans?

Distributive Economics

Transformative Nature of Enterprise

  • Does it promote community and global resilience?

Systems Design

  • Does it consider the complete human and natural ecosystem?


Development Process

  • Is participation in the process entirely voluntary?
  • Can anyone join or leave the development group at any time?
  • Does the collaborative development process utilize the input of diverse stakeholders?
  • Are the steps and results of the development process documented?

Simplicity of design

  • Is it low Cost?
  • Does it have Long Life?
  • Is it modular?
  • Is it designed for disassembly?

Design for scalability

  • Can it be scaled up?
  • Can it be scaled down?
  • Is it easily scalable?



  • Are materials used in production local?
  • Is raw material production local?


  • Is product production local?
  • Is the machinery used in production process open source?
  • Is the machinery used in production process locally fabricated?

Economic Feasibility and Replicability

  • Is there minimal overhead requirements for production?
  • Is there minimal waste?
  • Are R&D costs shared by a number of stakeholders?
  • Does documentation exist to facilitate replication?
  • Are production facilities funded by a stakeholder community?

Product Evolution

  • Is there continual product development?
  • Is there a user community?

Fabrication Facilities

  • Do flexible fabrication facilities or open source microfactories exist for producing the given product?
  • Is there a way in which an interested individual can participate in a sweat equity, learn-as-you-go production run?

Open Business Model

  • Is there a Business Plan?
  • Are enabling technical details available in the business plan?

Open Documentation

  • Is content Open Source?
  • Is content readily accessible (downloadable)?
  • Are there design drawings?


  • Are design drawings available in open source CAD?
  • Are fabrication procedures detailed?
  • Is economic analysis available?
  • Is ergonomic analysis available?

Bill of Materials (BOM)

  • Is there a parts list?
  • Is Sourcing of parts listed?
  • Are prices of parts listed?

Distributive Enterprise Assistance

  • Is producer training available?
  • Is startup assistance available?