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OSE Status - 2013

We have recruited an Executive Core Team as of May, 2013. In June-July - we are on-boarding our team and coming up to speed to establish a new level of productivity at OSE. As we stabilize our operations, the immediate points of development include:

  1. Developing pilot projects to go the last mile in quality control of our tools under the most demanding and diverse field testing conditions
  2. Developing fundraising capacity to assure a funding base to retain existing staff and to grow the core team to a few more key positions
  3. Developing production capacity after deploying the CNC Torch Table as a key element of digital fabrication. To achieve this, we are currently inviting resumes for the OSE Production Manager.
  4. Developing strategic partnerships towards reaching the main milestone of 2013: demonstrating that we can design a single, complex machine in a single day with the collaboration of 250 realtime developers
  5. Develop standards for OSE Chapters. To achieve point 4, we are developing Chapter Guidelines to engage OSE Chapters as a key component of accelerated research and development of the core program of OSE.
  6. Develop documentation standards such that the general Open Source Hardware Community begins to contribute to a unique taxonomy schema - in which all open hardware projects can be identified via a shared, open standard.

OSE 2 Year Plan

OSE will spend the rest of 2013 on normalizing its operations in preparation for accelerated development in 2014-2015. We intend to reach a prototyping rate of 1 prototype designed and built per week by the end of 2013. At this rate, we intend to finish the entire GVCS - including peer reviewed, high quality control standards - and exhaustive documentation - by the end of 2015.

OSE 6 Year Plan

Once the entire GVCS is finished, we will transition to education as our main value proposition. We will select our first class of OSE Fellows - an elite and select group of candidates for a 2 year immersion program in Open Source Ecology. As part of their program, Fellows will be responsible for building out a new OSE Incubator facility over the last 6 months of their immersion training. We intend to have 12 OSE Incubators worldwide by end of 2017.

We will repeat this cycle in 2018-19 with a second batch of OSE Fellows, where the 12 OSE Incubators train another set of 12 Fellows - to reach a total of 144 OSE Incubators worldwide by end of 2019.

The revenue model for the OSE Incubators includes collaborative production of real goods, immersion training workshops for enterprise incubation, and education for other OSE Fellows beyond the initial 144. Each of the original 144 OSE Incubators is intended to net $1M in revenue per annum, to create a $100M/year funding platform for open source economic development - towards the creation of the open source economy option. We intend to create this economic option for anyone interested in participating in the ethical economy - a viable option for maximizing the flow state in humanity.

Tactical Points

To continue our 500% annual growth since 2011, we would need to acquire new strategic partnerships, develop venture philanthropy funding, develop our program to 1 day Design Sprints, and develop pilot programs that evolve into production facilities that fund the project and contribute to R&D. See Expansion Options.