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OSE currently has 6 machines nearing product release status, including tractor, power cube, soil pulverizer, CEB press, CNC torch table, and 3D printer. These may currently be deployed with early adopters who fund refinements - in the form of risk-shared pilot projects. We are looking for Production Managers to handle pilot project buildouts as a means to refining OSE production capacity. This is our intended means to self-sustaining enterprises based on collaborative, ethical production.


  • Posted June 8, 2013
  • Seeking up to 12 candidates
  • 40 hour per week commitment required
  • Unique partnership opportunity as an ethical lifestyle investor, not employment.
  • Includes possibility of non-voting equity stake where OSE is the majority owner.
  • Requires 2 week Rapid Prototyping Crash Training program in hands-on fabrication skills

Role Requirements

  • Developing, equipping, and managing a production and prototyping workshop
  • Managing production runs of heavy equipment, precision machines, CNC equipment, and electronics
  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Ability to write and pitch business plans
  • Unique opportunity for a risk-shared, venture philanthropy-funded engagement; $4k/month guaranteed seed money for the first 3 months, with payment thereafter of 50% of net earnings - up to $60k/year without benefits

To Apply

  • Send your resume, Video of Interest, and 3 references
  • Writing a business plan is the application requirement - based on a discussion of applicant's interests.
  • Candidate needs to demonstrate proficiency in organizational skills and community management by developing a design for a select open source fabrication machine via Design Sprints

Required Skills

OSE believes strongly that life experiences and abilities may not necessarily match up with on-paper credentials. The following is a list of our preferred qualifications, however, we are flexible depending on the individual candidate's fit with our organization and their respective role.

  • Project Management
  • Production management
  • CAD and CAM experience
  • Fabrication and Machining experience
  • Part sourcing and supply chain development
  • Excellent communication and leadership skills
  • Alignment with collaborative, open culture