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  • Large scale 3D printer being implemted by OSE for printing full size (4'x8') construction materials, such as panels, piping, wall systems, furniture, wood composites, plastic composites, and oher emerging 3D printables. This would also be able to print WikiHouse style construction parts with zero waste, tapping into wood-plastic composites.
  • Terrabot is a popular name for other products - autonomous vehicles, vacuum cleaner, Construction automation products. OSE may need a better name. D3D Mega for the 1 cubic meter, and D3D Giga for the 2-3 meter version? ( [1] here, I say we don't use those prefixes so it doesn't get confusing, but I agree on the need for good names )
  • D3D Giga may need XY Gantry movie ng up and down, as opposed to bed moving up and down. To be determined.

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