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Mass online collaboration can be attained with universities. One idea for OSE is to create a collaborative course that runs at the same time with 100-1000 universities, synchronously for many and asynchronously for different time zones.


  1. Propose a massive transformative purpose, such as Solve Housing or Solve Energy, and a specific program for getting there. The specific program could be a 1000 page Enterprise Operations Manual for the Seed Eco-Home and derivatives. The program needs to define a basic course, such as a single model taken from start to finish in the initial cohort. Subsequent cohorts create new versions, such as a condo unit, a planned unit development, a different model, etc. Each is developed exhaustively to completion, and produced with high quality publishing, animations, marketing materials, website, and more.
  2. Reach out to professors across engineering, design, language, communications, enterprise, marketing, psychology, and other areas to compose a curriculum on each aspect of the Seed Eco-Home, such as: CAD Design for Unlimited Collaboration, Preparing Building Depertment Plans, Economics of Housing, Politics of Affordable Housing, Open Source Video Production and Broadcasting, etc. Everything is related to the publication of the Enterprise Manual, which includes psychology and teleology in its process for finding purpose and Mass Humanization.
  3. Each professor contributes a lesson.
  4. Classes are run at 1000 locations worldwide, with key lectures by different professors, who are selected based on quality. Students vote for which lesson they want based on 2 minute professors' promos.
  5. Mass collaboration in design and development follows.
  6. Enterprise training for the public is an outcome, with OSE Campuses running 3 month enterprise courses gleaned after a year of development.
  7. Clear and visible progress on the manual is evident, as it grows into completion in its online viewable copy as a Google Presentation.
  8. Funding - presale of course for 200 onsite ($6k) and 10,000 remote ($1k) enterprise students follows.