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Crowd wisdom distillation is a critical feature of any public interest information project.

OSE's goal is to use the wisdom of the crowds to distill information for Rapid Learning.

Some useful things that OSE can do with Crowdsource Dev - focuses on upgrading information so that any individual can gain access to state of art information in any field. This is much unlike today's reality, where trade secrets pretty much silo most useful and up to date information in inaccessible Elysia.

To open up information we can:

  1. Topgrade suggestions for best Subject Matter Experts who are open to sharing their information across all field of endeavor. But the focus must be on those individuals who are true teachers - meaning those individuals who believe that sharing knowledge does not diminish their value - but only increases it. Ie, the SMEs must be open to teaching, and be able to communicate their material clearly, so that rapid dissemination and learning of their knowlege can occur. The place for OSE here is to create online content, freely accessible, of the highest quality, essential information for rebuilding civilization to a Regenerative way of being. For example, who is the best power electronics guy in the world who can help us build an Induction Furnace to melt steel like butter, or who is the best guy to help us develop a distributed urban gardening model for the Aquaponic Greenhouse? Note that many SMEs will be disqualified here - as most state of art information is proprietary - and many do no see the value of disseminating top wisdom to the rabble. In part, OSE's role will be to facilitate knowledge transfer by creating incentives for such sharing until the open economy becomes the norm.
  2. Embed upvoting comments on all our communications - as a point of action for viewers - so we continuously upgrade our knowhow.

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