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These are the top actionable values that drive behavior at Open Source Ecology.

  • Open Source Culture - we collaborate openly, publishing early and often - even if 'conventional economic wisdom' would advise against it. We give know-how and experience freely to the world, and monetize our effort by producing real goods and services - not by creating monopoly or selling non-scarce goods. We work on our self-esteem so we can be open and vulnerable.
  • Transformative Approach - we study history and aim to create something that is needed but difficult to achieve - to enable all of humanity to attain self-determination and happiness. We view the long term to achieve needed breakthroughs, and solve hard problems. We are absolute creators. We solve Pressing World Issues for a living.
  • Systems Thinking - We think in systems, understanding that everything in nature is connected. We respect nature, and we produce a diversity of options.
  • Constant learning - we accept praise, but always ask what we could do better. We dedicate time to learning.
  • Be excellent to each other - We respect and uplift our co-workers. We turn our team members into friends. We do not work with assholes.
  • Integrated Humans - We are on a path to becoming integrated humans - as that is how we foster democratic culture.
  • MTP - We focus on important, timeless issues. We create new economic models and dogfood them.