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Thu Jan 4, 2019

Just one thing, which may overlap: we're collecting enterprises for the OSE Village Experiment aka OSE U etc as a replicable infrastructure model for new communities of tomorrow. We envision a base of 24 critical infrastructure enterprises that can sustain a Dunbar number community via neo-subsistence (aka high-tech self-providing like Bergmann) and production for outside markets. These include:

24 Village Enterprises

and possibly some more.

This covers housing, cars, food, and fuel for near zero cost of living, and the promise of 2 hour work per day 5 days per week to achieve a modern standard of living. So that most of life focuses on becoming an integrated human. I envision a social contract with 2 hrs of neosubsistence work as a requirement for everyone. Then, optionally, 2 hours of R&D to continue developing neosubsistence tools, and then 4 hours per day on becoming an integrated human. For people in a mature state of development, that means work surrounding transition beyond a war economy.

So how could anyone refuse that, unless they are comfortable in their unfreedom?

Anyway, the open invitation is to develop any of the hardware technologies above for the neosubsistence part, based on a materialistic approach towards nonmaterialistic transcendence.

What I mean - if you can contribute to developing any open source enterprise like above, or any part of it, that would be a way to collaborate. #7 may be of interest. #15 in the list above is the hardest.

Does that make sense?

Wed Jan 2, 2019

I am spending some time on my book, but we still have proptotyping of several scalable enterprises and infrastructure technologies that are prerequisite to thriving. I will go into the social contract and economic model in as much detail as we have. Execution is a matter of entrepreneurship.

I will follow up with Olin. Any suggestions on other notable universities to contact? Deep Springs may be good. But a lot of places like Deep Springs et al are plagued by the conflict that killed the ecovillages: abundance of soft skills at the expense of hard skills, which is a good recipe for a Lord of the Flies situation. We need to get beyond war.

On recipes - can you share your detergent, toothpaste, and deodorant recipes? Please use our wiki.