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  • Training for people to manage the OSE wiki effectively. Pending basic understanding of wiki organization, taxonomy, and functions - large scale collaboration can happen on a wiki.
  • Intended audience is contributors, developers, STEAM Camps, and admin assistants.
  • Starts with log-in, and moves on to maintaining part libraries including working documents as embedded cloud editable docs. Understanding wiki taxonomy to navigate in Open Source Product Development.
  1. Editing
  2. Work Logging
  3. Finding out who is doing what projects and keeping up with their progress
  4. Maintaining Part Libraries
  5. Modular breakdown
  6. Taxonomy - based on Dev Template and Open Source Hardware Documentation Jam
  7. Qualification for Administrator role
  8. Redirecting pages and basic organization so we treat the wiki as a knowledge dump.


  1. If you updated existing code for an existing machine, where do you upload the new code? Show an example by taking an existing machine and making a small modification to the code.
  2. When should you use a new version name for specific code?
  3. What is the basic taxonomy for all machine versions? Hint: Name_vYY.MM